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Custom Snare Drums

The Snare Drum.....At the very least, it's the centerpiece of your drum kit. It's more than just two and four. It's where you start - and sometimes end - your incredible fills. It can be the down beat or the up beat. Even the snare's ghost notes crescendo into the solid, stable and unquestionable reason you're behind the kit...THE BEAT!

Your Snare Drum is used more than any other part of your drum set. Shouldn't it look like a real drum? Have the feel of a real drum? SOUND like a real drum?

Highstick Percussion is a custom drum company based in Dallas, Texas. We design and manufacture snare drums for any sound you may need. Whether you need a drum for a rock kit, jazz kit or a standalone symphonic snare, Highstick Percussion can help. Our snare drums are available in several different depths and widths as well as several different stained or wrapped finishes. We can build your snare from 100% Maple, Birch, Brass, or Mahogany.

Instead of a pre-programmed, pre-recorded sound, your drums should sound the way you want them to sound. Rather than your sticks bouncing off of an inalterable, synthetic pad, your sticks should react the way you want them to react. So take the next step - turn off the video game, unplug the electronic kit and play a real one.

CONTACT:  To purchase your drum or ask any questions regarding our products, please email or call.  Regardless of the brand you're buying, if you are buying your first drum kit or you're a new drummer with questions about what you are buying, feel free to contact us!

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